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Mothers - and Others

Dr. David Jacobs, a history professor at Temple University, gave a talk yesterday at the Free Library about his research into UFO’s and the “Alien Agenda.” Dr. Jacobs is the world’s leading authority on the UFO-abduction phenomenon, and teaches a college course in it – the only one in the USA.

There’s a sort of melancholy appropriateness in opening this subject on Mother’s Day, because activities involving reproduction and genetic manipulation apparently figure prominently in the alien agenda. Dr. Jacobs’ interest in the subject began with a focus on UFO sightings and developed to a more thoroughgoing exploration of what people were saying happened to them during their abductions. He has led over 700 abduction investigations using hypnosis, and found reference to egg-taking procedures (150 times); physical examinations (400 times); Mindscan (staring) procedures (375 times) and baby and toddler contact (180 times). In his book, The Threat: Revealing the Secret of the Alien Agenda, he carefully describes his procedures and distinguishes his practice from the kinds of therapeutic interventions that have led to false-memory or sexual-abuse charges.

Dr. Jacobs is no kook, and in fact his presentation, speaking style and prose can be characterized as sincere intelligence infused with moral alarm. The testimonies of abductees, he said, “have led us to where we do not want to go” – that is, to the possibility of the conquest and replacement of the human race through penetration and manipulation of its genetics. I would not have given much countenance to this sort of thing if I had not been following the recent postings of Jeff Wells and Joseph Caldwell – about which more in a moment. Given the state of humanity today, and especially the incredible array of problems lurking just behind the corporate façade of USA, Inc. today – worries about an alien agenda seemed to me in the highest case improbable. Why look for more trouble, when anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear can perceive so much trouble of our own making already in place for some kind of catastrophic implosion? Yet in a strange way the “alien agenda” is like a distorting mirror of our current predicament, bringing certain aspects of our situation into sharper focus. It is these I want to comment on today – three in particular: (1) environmental; (2) nurturance and emotionality; and (3) religious value.

(1) The Environmental Argument

In “The Alien Invasion of Earth: Strategy for Planetary Conquest,” Joseph George Caldwell writes that

“…The current hominid race of the planet, Homo sapiens, is in the process of destroying the biosphere. Large human numbers and industrial activity are causing the extinction of an estimated 30,000 species per year, and contributing to a greenhouse-gas warming of the planet that may dramatically alter the biosphere….

“…At the present time, the alien invaders are in a life-and-death struggle with the current hominid soul-group, Homo sapiens … for the control of Earth. They have abducted a large number of H. sapiens and genetically modified them so that future generations of physical human bodies will be better matched to their souls than to H. sapiens souls, and they will incarnate on Earth in increasing numbers. Unfortunately for them, however, they are in serious danger of achieving a Pyrrhic victory. H. sapiens is destroying the biosphere at an incredible rate, and there will soon be no planet left for the invaders to occupy – at least not a “Garden of Eden” biosphere like H. sapiens inherited and proceeded to destroy. The process of abducting H. sapiens and then reincarnating in place of an H. sapiens soul takes years to accomplish, and by that time there will be nothing left for the conquerors but a ruined, species-desolate planet…”

:… The current race of Earth’s human beings has committed a grievous sin against Earth’s biosphere, to the other species of Earth, and to itself – it is destroying its very home. This incredibly foolish, suicidal act of self-destruction can have only one end – the loss to the H. sapiens soul group of its physical planet…”

Caldwell’s essay is posted on his website:

Caldwell’s argument falls partially into Jacobs’ “Positives” category. The “Positives” argue that the Aliens represent a higher form of spirituality and that their intentions are benign. Treating the Alien phenomenon in this fashion harmonizes with New Age teachings about spiritual transformation and the development of higher consciousness. Concerning the environmental aspect, Jacobs quotes from one abductee who reported a conversation with an Alien, who told her that “humans did not understand that their actions had effects beyond themselves.” The abductee said that the Alien was talking almost “like he has a love affair with the Earth.” When Jacobs asked her to clarify what she meant, she reported that the Alien had said, “That’s it’s one of the most beautiful places he’s seen…. [The thought seemed to be --] Do you think we would invest our time [with someone or something that] would not make a difference?” The idea seems to be that the Aliens covet the earth for themselves, and that is why they are devoting enormous intelligence, energy and organization to the task of altering the reproductive organism of human beings.

But Jacobs finds this implausible, noting that “the strategem of environmental concern developed well after the Breeding Program was in place.” However, the missing key that Caldwell’s interpretation supplies is that the breeding program exists for the purpose of enabling the incarnation of Alien (or hybrid) souls on the earth. It is not environmental destruction per se that motivates them. Rather, it is assuring for themselves a future planetary home. Given the increasing pace of environmental degradation, the escalating number of reports of abductee stories become truly alarming. Maybe the Aliens know something we don’t? According to Caldwell, the peak of world oil resources – which some geologists think may be happening this decade, if not this year or next – will create end-game wars for control of resources. The question for the Aliens is whether sufficient numbers of humans will be destroyed in order to tip the demographic balance in favor of the genetically altered alien-human hybrids.

Whatever is it, neither Jacobs’ view nor Caldwell’s view is likely to generate much comfort. If anything, Caldwell’s view is even more pessimistic, in that he includes the scenario of the human race engaging in a suicidal war.

(2) Nurturance and emotionality

Some of the most poignant passages in Jacob’s book deal with the robotic aliens’s envy of human emotionality and free will. Abductees reported being asked by Aliens to hold and nurture babies. One alien took an abductee into a room called an “incubatorium,” which contained hundreds of containers of fetuses, and asked her to hold a baby. “she’s telling me .. that the babies need to be held, otherwise they can’t grow right… What we need to teach them is emotions, feelings, that they cannot do. She’s explaining to me that they can feed and clothe the babies, they can grow physically, but they cannot give these babies emotional development, that they need me to help them do that…”

According to numbers of abductee reports, the hybrids (Alien-human merged beings) “have no memories of parents, siblings, family life, nurturing, or other emotionally important events that bond humans to each other.” A hybrid once explained to an abductee that he has no memories, only “files” – “we were just told who [our parents were] and they‘re on files.” The hybrid denied being a robot, but said “the meaning was the same” – “That a robot has no bonding. It just does what it’s programmed to do,” and “Even if I had those emotions, what good are they because nothing will happen?”

(3) Meaning and religious values

On one level David Jacob’s The Threat can be read as a picture about the kind of human society that we seem to be developing. The emphasis that the Aliens give to bonding and emotionality is in glaring contrast to the selfish and money-driven values of modernity so highly touted by the feminists. Caldwell in his piece quotes the Biblical phrase that “Those who destroy the earth will themselves be destroyed.” The same sober lesson could be applied to the heartless and brutal regime of abortion – that those who destroy their own children in the name of freedom will be subjected to the tyranny of an alien race that, whatever its status of morality or culture, places a high value upon reproduction.

The irony – if there is an ‘irony’ here – is that despite the great progress made in human genetics and reproduction, there yet remains an aura of the mysterious about it, such that one may rightly distinguish reproduction from conception. In the generational life of human beings it is proper to speak of procreation and conception rather than reproduction and manipulation of genes. But in the genetic science of today we are losing the sense for the metaphysical dimensions of humanity. The irony is that our scientists are becoming more and more like the aliens that Jacobs describes in this book. It is quite possible that genetic science will lead to the manufacture of purely ‘physicalized’ human beings, if indeed it has not already done so. In achieving this, we will have achieved a “concubinage with matter” that will effectively spell the end of human spiritual evolution. If this is where things are going, the picture put forth by the abduction stories is a symbolic representation of what is going on in science today. It is in the nature of a parable or warning.

Whatever the nature of the threat, David Jacobs confesses at the conclusion of his book that “I am persuaded that the abduction phenomenon is real. And as a result, the intellectual safety net with which I operated for so many years is now gone. I am as vulnerable as the abductees themselves. I should ‘know better,’ but I embrace as real a scenario that is both embarrassing and difficult to defend..”

Maybe it’s all fantasy. But after reading Jacobs, I’m not so sure. If nothing else, the picture of the Aliens resembles nothing so much as the horrifying imagery of the uncontrolled human intellect which seeks to control nature but forgets to control itself. Such a fantastic horror has grown up in a modern society which has progressively and insidiously alienated moral feeling and value from scientific research and even from personal action. Wherever the truth of the abductee phenomenon may lie, David Jacobs appeared to me as a man not alienated from himself. In that sense Dr. Jacobs’s research tells not so much what aliens are doing to us but what we are doing to ourselves – and in that sense I share his alarm.

Note: Jeff Wells in his blog,
has lately been exploring the abductee phenomenon mainly from the point of view of programming, mind control, and sexual abuse.

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