Friday, December 07, 2007

Call Off the Dogs of War

The criminalization of American foreign policy has received an unexpected setback in the publication of the National Intelligence Estimate report regarding the non-existence of the Iranian nuclear weapons program. William Pfaff writes from Paris that the publication of this report did more to restore American credibility in the eyes of the world than any other event in the past eight years. Melvin Goodman, writing in the Baltimore Sun, says that the intelligence community appears to have learned something from the fiasco of the WMD propaganda on Iraq- "The willingness to confront Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney with intelligence that does not support their policy prescriptions for Iran suggests that the community's new leadership is willing to tell truth to power."

Let us hope so, and let us hope that this event marks a turning point in the maturation of the American political class. For make no bones about it: this event is a signal challenge to the power of the Israel Lobby, which has led our nation deeper and deeper into fanaticism. It is the Israelite contingent which has been calling for war with Iran - that contingent and their judaizing supporters in the so-called Christian ranks. Military higher-ups, on the other hand, like Admiral Fallon, have been calling for reason and restraint. An invasion of Iran, he said, would "not happen on his watch."

Maybe things will become so insane in the USA that it will take an actual military revolt to restore the governance of America to America and to pry it out of the hands of the dual-loyalists who have taken over foreign policy. The Israelis left that charade in Annapolis with everything they wanted, yet one of their journalists recently cried that the NIE report was a hit "below the belt." Below the belt? Translated from propagandaspeak I suppose that means that a rational American foreign policy is against the interests of Israel.

I wonder why nobody mentions poor Ariel Sharon any more. Is he still alive? - living in some comatose state in an Israeli hospital? Unfortunately the state of Israel has more and more come to resemble the state of the comatose Ariel Sharon. The world will have no peace until the Israelis make the decision to join the human race and reconcile themselves with mankind and their neighbors. We Americans have many of those tendencies as well, perhaps not quite as pronounced. But this NIE report shows that there are signs of life yet in American government-- signs of a tentative rapprochement with humanity stirring in even the citadels of Mordor.


Anonymous said...

I certainly hope this marks a turning point and a sign that the influence of the Zionist lobby is on the decline. I am a Christian who blindly supported Israel for years, but recently "woke up" to the realization that Israel is a criminal state. Unfortunately many Christians are in the dark regarding the true nature of Zionism, but I am praying this will change. God Bless You--you have an excellent blog!

Caryl said...

Thank you for your kind and supportive comment!