Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Daily Folly

Gordon Brown, who holds some sort of leadership post in what used to be known as Great Britain, came panting to Washington to shake the new president's hand and retie the knot on the latest twist of the "Anglo-American Alliance." Things didn't go quite as well as expected, but he did address the pit of trained seals, the Congress of the United States, as described in the International Herald Tribune (Mar 5): "Despite the distractions, Brown came off well in a confident address to a joint meeting of Congress, an invitation reserved for America's closest allies. Brown projected optimism in the face of economic turmoil. He predicted that the global economy could double in size over the next 20 years as billions of people move from being producers to consumers..."

A vision and a life of consumers... No word for the effect of this catastrophic way of life upon the earth, no indication that a life of consumerism is not exactly consonant with human dignity. Western leadership has nothing to offer. All it can offer is satiation and surfeit. And in the face of obvious bankruptcy! Stupidity at this level takes real talent.