Monday, February 22, 2010

An Old-World Idea

The website Lew is one of the best sites on the web - well-organized, easy to read and locate articles, not too cluttered, and full of insightful articles by people who have outgrown the American habit of State-worship. Today I was struck by a passage from an interview with Mr. Rockwell from another publication. The interviewer asked Mr. Rockwell about the gold standard, and here is his reply:

"There are many ways to move to free-market money and non-inflationary banking. I would never want to close off any viable path. One problem with the Misesian plan for a gold standard is that it relies on the idea that the people in charge will do the right thing. This is a charming, old-world idea, but I don't think it holds true in our times. We need to be open to the possibility that reform will never come from the top."

This is a wise and mature realism speaking, and one that has learned the lessons of our age. Naivete concerning the good - that the people in top "will do the right thing" - is the fatal weakness of "white," "western," "European-Christian" societies - I use the terms in quotation marks. As Pope Benedict remarked, we must not lose our candor and openness - they are the very signs of educability, persuasion, of being amenable to reason, which is the very secret strength of Western history. Yet in today's world such "candor and openness," or belief that "the people in top will do the right thing" are simply no match for the organized and methodical forces comprising the New World Order. The problem with Talmudic instruction, which is, loosely speaking, the training manual of the New World Order, is that wrong-doing is a much surer ticket to success. Evil is shortcuts. Right action is going the long way about things, always maintaining respect for one's object. If it's a circle, doing the good is making the circumference. The bad is a diametrical cut through the heart: you'll get where you want to go, but you run the risk of splitting the circle in two.

I am sure there is more to say about this. There is some secret here. I will come back to this later, after I have thought about it some more.

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