Monday, February 22, 2010

Quote and Figure from David Wilcock Website

Magnetism and Electricity- A "conventionalized diagram of the electromagnetic wave form"

Magnetism and electricity are considered to be two components of the same force, namely electromagnetism. Magnetism is referred to as the "B-field" and electricity as the "E-field," and they are graphed out as a unified wave where the E-field is on the horizontal plane and the B-field is on the vertical plane, 90 degrees of rotation away from its counterpart.
This is based upon careful measurements of the properties of these fields themselves, and is considered to be a contemporary fact. The picture below shows us a "conventionalized diagram of an (electromagnetic) wave form..." that was reprinted by Enterprise Mission with permission from Ultra High Frequency Radio Engineering by WL Emory, The Macmillan Company.

.. it may be surprising to realize that magnetism and electricity, which certainly seem to be used as two separate forces in our technology, are always traveling together in this fixed 90-degree relationship where magnetism is dynamic and electricity is static..."

I have posted this tonight for future reference.