Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Must Read

Paul Craig Roberts, "Truth Has Fallen and Taken Liberty With It."
I have no words.


Anonymous said...

Hi Caryl,

Yes, excellent article. I regularly read the Counterpunch blog. What is interesting about the timing of this particular reading is that I had just previously read the latest news story about the Pope's role in the cover-up of the pedophile priest in Munich when he, the Pope, was Archbishop of that diocese.

I had formulated this thought: Oh, my God, the cancer in the Catholic Church has finally metastasized to the very head! Looks like Death is knock, knock, knockin’ at Vatican’s door, to paraphrase Bob Dylan.

Then, having finished the Paul Roberts article, I saw how a simple word substitution, of say: “Catholics” for “American” and “Vatican” for “US Government” plus a few others, would deftly describe the same kind of deceit and treachery at the Vatican that Paul is describing in DC.

To use an old Steiner word, what is the “symptomatology” of these current events? Why it seems positively archetypal, the archetype of “Apocalypse,” in its deepest literal meaning: “Making known now what had been previously hidden.”

As for Paul’s maudlin obsession with truth, just how would you answer Pontius Pilate’s question to Jesus about just what truth really is?

But hey, it’s coming up on Holy Week. So let a smile be your umbrella, and did you know that the winsome and adorable anthroposophical Stigmatic in Berlin, Judith von Halle, (whose parents I found out are Jewish!!!) is possibly moving to Dornach to set up her own spiritual-healing center, and with the Goetheanum’s blessings?


Caryl said...

Hi Tom - Thanks for writing. I don't quite agree with your analysis - the analogy between the CC and the murderous American empire regime is a little too pat!
What is happening is the deterioration of institutions and customs which once formed a protectio against predatory forces. One of these main customs was the Western concern for truth. But PCR's concern with truth is not "maudlin." Truth is a value of the cultures established by northern Europeans - specifically non-Jews. It came through Christianity and was valued as Logos. What we are seeing today seems to be the interior corruption of the Logos impulse insofar as it was Christian and Catholic - its internal and external subversion.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for answering the Pilate question. Concerning the Jewish question, I met Norman Finkelstein at the premiere of his documentary movie biography in Beverly Hills two weeks ago.

It's called "American Radical"

As a Jewish friend of mine said, "given the coin of the Holocaust, there's Holocaust Exaggeration on one side and Holocaust Denial on the other."

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


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