Sunday, June 12, 2011

Voice of Truth

Words often lie, but the voice is incapable of lying.

In the contemporary world, amidst the prevalence of government and media, it is actually more correct to say, "Words always lie," not "Words often lie."

The great fact, the great feat, of modernity is the separation of the words from the voice, the disembodiment, disincarnation, of the word. As a result we have faceless, anonymous voices speaking terrifying words: the combination of anonymity and brute force.

The human in man is taken down slowly, methodically, inch by inch, brick by brick: the rule of law. Responsibility for one's acts (i.e. one's words). Accountability.

If the voice cannot be held accountable for the words it utters (or in a different mode, for the words it writes) how can ideas be held accountable? How can ideas be weighed for their truth-content if words "do not matter" (i.e. have no weight, are disembodied from the voices that speak them?)

Hitler was perhaps the last tyrant of the voice. The tyrants who have followed him are the tyrants of the voiceless, or perhaps rather the "unvoiced." The American presidency is the institution par excellence that signifies voicelessness. Those few presidents who possessed a distinctive voice have, sometimes, been killed. Actually, this is true of leadership in America in general: those who have achieved it have often been killed.

It is impossible to distinguished a truth from a lie in the moment of its occurrence. Truth is digestible, it can be digested. A lie can only be excreted. "To excrete a lie." How to do this? I suppose we must first be conscious of it - isolate it, coat it with some preservative, as the spider coats its prey and stores it in its web.

Of course, most of the time, experience does this for us. Experience is the wavering ground between the lie and the truth. It is our arena of battle, it is for us to conquer or to be defeated: the reclamation of truth from our experience. This reclamation or redemption of experience is our task in life, the particular mission with which we have been entrusted.

The Lie: it keeps wanting to be quality, hence its perpetual envy, its restless self-inflation, unceasing self-manufacture... Certainly the voice is a quality - "vocal quality" is a reality that deals with resonance. Would it be accurate to say that the Lie deals with quantity whereas truth is a quality, is quality? I would have to meditate on this....

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Words from Ago

Some passages from my journal of 1996-98:

The ideological character can present an outward flexibility, complaisance, openness to change, which disguises his inner rigidity and inability to be open to persuasion by argument and evidence. The morally principled person may come across as strong, if not unyielding, fixed in his or her thoughts, unbending - all of which is but the outer shell of a mind continually in the process of becoming.

The quality of thinking is like quality of tone in singing. This is a big secret, one that can be meditated upon. Good quality thinking can reach the high note without shrillness.

Wit, or aphorism: that which is formed, like a waffle, when the two sides of the brain are heated up and pressed together.

Aphorism is the poor cousin of Parable. Aphorism is the daughter of Intellectual Reason - Parable is the daughter of Vital Reason. The former is rich, and clothed in all the finery of the world - the latter despised and driven from her home - always on a quest. Perhaps this tension is discernible in Pascal? - a great aphorist, though there is an underlying mood of unhappiness or dissatisfaction. "... the immense silences..." He could not go out into the night of Vital Reason - for being a Christian, he knew what would happen.

Jan. 1, 1998: The closest thing to civilizational theory we've had has been in the writings of men like Russell Kirk. But the identification was made with conservatism rather than civilization. This identification has strangled conservatism at his birth: for when you have lost civilization, what is there left to conserve?

One of the needs of the age: to find a new form of writing which can convey vital reason. Argument from principles rather than trying to prove a thesis. The trick is to find something that people care about. Most people are still interested to some extent in the history of their local communities.

Unprincipled minds fear chance, hence embrace determinism. For an unprincipled mind is easily swayed, and fears its own vulnerability. It experiences possibility as a form of attack... But possibly one of the hardest things to do is to define principles of the mind. Rather than something fixed and solid - the usual image conjured up by the word - a principled mind is alert to all possibilities. Indeed it has made a science, a knowing, of possibility. It is, therefore, a mind born of paradox, for how can we know anything but what has already happened? A principled mind is something of the impossible made possible - a paradox, like "Virgin Birth."

Saturday, April 24, 2010

End the Fed


Some of the signs:

~Arm Yourself with Knowledge
~ Federal Reserve - World Bank - Unconstitutional
~The Fed is Fraud
~End the Fed - Barter
~ Can I (picture of "eye") Print M$ney too?
~Buy gold - Silver - Seeds
~Audit the Fed - Accountable to No One
~Welcome to the Machine
~The Fed Has Waged Economic Warfare on America
~"Google "The MoneyMasters!" (shouted)
~Yo Dawg the Fed Be Unconstitutional
~We are fed up with the Fed
~Show me the money
~What's the difference? (Picture of $1 and a collection of Monopoly money)
~Uphold the Constitution
~Support HR 1207 (Audit the Fed)
~Using My Taxes to Kill
~Where is the transparency we were promised
~Ron Paul was Right
~Main Stream Media: State Propaganda
~The Fed is the Mother of all Ponzi Schemes
~Legalize the Constitution
~The Fed is a banking cartel
~A fellow with a ball and chain - wearing a Federal Reserve tee-shirt
~The Symphony of Destruction: Federal Reserve, Military-industrial complex, Oil reserves
~Fiat Money
~End the Fed B4 USA = Weimar
~"We are bankrupt!" (called out)
~Repeal the inflation tax!
~We put the "con" in "economy"
~Grand Theft of America
~Most Wanted Financial Terrorists: [pictures of] Bernanke, Geithner, Greenspan, Paulsen
~"Dollar is dead/blame the Fed" (chanted on the march to the Constitution Center)

I think my favorite was a tee-shirt printed: "Tyranny Response Team"
Some people, at least, are beginning to get it.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Tacit and the Explicit

Illustration: Ortega y Gasset (1883-1955)

Today I want to talk about language – the “tacit” and the “explicit.”

“Tacit” means “understood without being clearly expressed.” Other synonyms include -- unspoken, implied, unsaid, implicit, indicated, unvoiced. The dictionary says that we use the word in the sense of “implied or indicated, as by an act or by silence, but not actually expressed, as e.g. a ‘tacit consent’ or ‘tacit admission of guilt.’”

Tacit derives from the Latin tacitus, silent; Old High German, dagÄ“n, to be silent. It is odd to think that the “tacit” forms a very large part of what we understand as speech – or at least it seems odd until we begin to realize that speaking (communicating or saying) is primarily gesture or usage. The cognitive act is, so to speak, post-gestural; it comes after the placement of the act in real space. [1]

This is Ortega y Gasset’s argument about the nature of language in his book, Man and People, where he says, “Silence constantly acts on language and is the cause of many of its forms.”

He points out that: “…in proportion as conversation treats of more important, more human, more ‘real’ subjects…its vagueness, clumsiness, and confusion steadily increase…The stupendous reality that is language cannot be understood unless we begin by observing that speech consists above all in silences.”

I was thinking of the word tacit in connection with a blog entry from the writer known as Xymphora. He was writing about the pedophile scandals in the church. It was only after I re-read the piece today that I realized that Xymphora did not actually use the word ‘tacit’ and that I had, as it were, interpolated it. Here is what he wrote yesterday: “It is obvious that the Catholic Church had a deal with World Jewry. The Jews would use their control of the media to help the Church cover up its kiddy diddling. In return the Vatican would completely abdicate its responsibility to look after the interests of Christians in the Holy Land. I don't know why the Jews reneged on the deal. Probably just arrogance, the realization that the Vatican can't do anything now having failed to do anything for so many years… I wonder if we will now see some faint bleatings from Catholic officials about the outrages being committed by Jews against others in Greater Palestine.”

True? How would we go about verifying it? Xymphora is arguing that the Church had a tacit understanding with the owners of the world media. And yet it is this very “tacit understanding” that makes it so difficult to prove wrongdoing, or even to discuss conspiracy theories. Perhaps in this sense conspiracy theories are an unnecessary distraction. Thus Ortega’s point, that a large part of language consists of silences. But what happens when, as Paul Craig Roberts has said in his final piece (linked in a post a few days ago) that there is nothing left but “propaganda”? How do lies and propaganda impact on language and silence, on tacit understandings? What if there came about a society so utterly impregnated with falsehood and lies that a truthful statement would just appear – as e.g., as mushrooms after a rain, and nobody would remark it?

This seems to me to be the category in which to place General Stanley McCrystal’s recent statement concerning the war in Afghanistan: "We have shot an amazing number of people, but to my knowledge, none has ever proven to be a threat."

McCrystal’s statement signifies a new stage of history, one described by Baudrillard -- "... [Evil] … has become fluid, liquid, interstitial, viral… It … shows through in all things when they lose their image, their mirror, their reflection, their shadow, when they no longer offer any substance, distance or resistance, when they become both immanent and elusive … So long as Evil was opaque, obscene, oblique, obscure, there was still a transcendence of Evil and it could be held at a distance. It has now become immanent and interstitial….. a phase of definitive dissemination..”[2]

Maybe in losing the "silence," the invisible backing of language, we have lost the good itself, or at least the idea of the good -- that truth matters.

[1] From “The Power of Great Poetry to Shape the Character and Build the Nation: Dante, Humboldt, and Helen Keller,” by Muriel Murak Weissback, Fidelio, Summer, 1996: “Helen Keller wrote a little poem to describe how it was before she had the power of language. She wrote:
It was not night--it was not day,
But vacancy absorbing space,
And fixedness without a place;
There was no stars--no earth--no time--
No check--no change--no good--no crime.”

(Thanks to Lewis Smith for sending me this article.) I find the poem very interesting in its ‘geographic’ sense for language. It is quite possible that Helen Keller was able to read Milton’s Paradise Lost in later life, and captured some of the ‘darkness’ visible’ of Milton’s description of Hell in her poem about pre-linguistic state. Nevertheless, her poem does convey the idea that meaning is first of all a gesture, a sense of bearings - an incarnation, an idea of 'mattering.'

[2] Jean Baudrillard, The Illusion of the End, Stanford, 1994.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

The "fury against religion"

”…Why is there such a fury against religion now? Because religion is the one reliable force that stands in the way of the power of the strong over the weak. The one reliable force that forms the foundation of the concept of the rule of law. The one reliable force that restrains the hand of the man of power. In an age of power-worship, the Christian religion has become the principal obstacle to the desire of earthly utopians for absolute power…”
11 March 2010 1:52 PM
From: "How I found God and peace with my atheist brother" by Peter Hitchens, Mail Online


My comments: Peter Hitchens' article is very good. Well worth reading and thinking about. The differences between Peter and his brother Christopher on the subject of religion take on a sort of archetypal quality, a kind of revised Cain and Abel for this age of information, gossip, celebrity and instant "philosophizing." It was touching to read in Peter's article that when he married his wife in a church, it was the "first adult act he ever did." Why is that? Because consecration is the source of the dignity of objects, acts, and lives. Without the act of consecration we lose our grip on life and the sacred dimensions of our humanity. I believe that "losing this grip" is the real souce of the notion of Hell - the outer darkness, the garbage dump, the infernal [infer-ior] region. This banishment to the realm of the garbage dump, the smoking ruin, the "utter destruction" (and these words from Deuteronomy are significant) is what our politics has become today.

cf. Joseph de Maistre: "Human reason left to its own resources is completely incapable not only of creating but also of conserving any religious or political association, because it can only give rise to disputes and because, to conduct himself well, man needs beliefs, not problems." [For further reading, see my Book Notes on Joseph de Maistre in the Bookmanas website.]

Nevertheless, I would just add a couple of glosses to Peter Hitchens' article - and of course, no one can say everything. It was published just a few weeks shy of the the latest wave of pedophile scandals rocking the Church, the publication of which gives much glee and rejoicing no doubt to the enemies of the Church. The smell of blood is thick upon the waters. But it must also be said that the Church has brought these woes upon itself, upon herself -- and that every further pronouncement from the Vatican only makes matters go from bad to worse. It is utter nonsense - but also a tribute to how much the Judaic mindset has penetrated the thinking of even the elites in the Church -- to say that the attacks against the Pope are analogous to "antisemitism." This kind of hapless posturing is beneath contempt. Irresponsibility has poisoned the springs of all of our institutions today, and the fact that such a fad has now lodged within the Vatican is a symptom of decay at the top - in the sense in which a fish rots from the head. I say nothing against the ranks of the faithful Catholics, who are truly bewildered and upset by these developments. The leaders of the Catholic faithful appear to be running like heads with their chickens cut off - in S.J. Perelman's delicious phrase.

So, it is not enough to say, as Peter Hitchens says, that "...the Christian religion has become the principal obstacle to the desire of earthly utopians for absolute power." To a very great extent, as far as I can see, the Christian religion has become a tool of the Jews. First it was the Christian Zionists. Now the Catholics seem to be lining up to get a piece of the Jewish mindset, which has proven to be so effective in the political campaigns of our age. Convince everyone that you are a victim, and pouf! - you can bend them to your will like Silly Putty!

I was not impressed, for instance, when Pope Benedict XVI came to the United States and spent his time here apologizing left, right, and center. [1] I entered the Catholic Church at about the time Benedict became Pope, and at first I had great hopes for him. But his speech at Regensburg began his downward trajectory in my eyes. Despite the very good things he said about Reason and Logos, the speech seemed to me a gratuitous insult against the Islamic world. Anything that adds fuel to the flames of neoconservatism, the lust for empire and dominion, is to me ipso facto, an irremediable evil. I have believed for some time that the election of Cardinal Ratzinger to the papacy was a grievous misstep on behalf of the Catholic Church. It would have done better to cast off the baggage of Europe with its Judaic barnacles clinging to a shipwrecking craft, and start afresh with an African or South American Pope. However, the people in charge did not consult me!

Anyway, to return to the subject of Peter Hitchens: It is in actuality the Islamic religion which now forms "the principal obstacle to the desire of earthly utopians for absolute power." It should accordingly be no surprise to learn of the relentless attack against Muslims fomented in all of our so-called leading journals, nor of the incessant threats against Iran carried on for the past decade. The more the truths come out - as, for example, the recent revelations of our military's knowledge of how the Israeli Mossad orchestrated 9/11 - the more the anti-Islamic fervor increases in venom. Truly these are criminal dealings.

This is the thesis of Israel Shamir, a Russian Jewish convert to Orthodoxy who lives in Israel. He writes that Islam is the Last Katechon (a term of St. Paul's) holding against the Neo-Mammonist regime:

"... Islam is the last great reservoir of spirit, tradition and solidarity, and the Neo-Jews fight it with all firepower at their disposal. Islam has to be crushed if the Neo-Jewish Temple is to be erected on the site of al Aqsa. . . Thus the war on Islam is a stage of the last war, the War on Christ.. . On a deeper, metaphysical level, there is a struggle between two tendencies: a power that draws Heaven and Earth together and re-sacralises the world; and a power that tries to separate Heaven and Earth - to profane the world. The uniting power is represented as Christ in the arms of Our Lady. The dividing power, the Great Profaner, is greater than the Jews; but they eagerly support him for in their view the world outside Israel... should be profane and godless. Thus the actions of the Neo-Jews eventually lead to the profanation of the world..."

[1] I seem to be contradicting myself. The Pope was apologizing for a previous round of child abuse scandals. It was pitiful to see. The Catholic Church has a great tradition of social teachings on international law, finance, economy, just war theory, social justice - any one of which, if raised with seriousness and intent, would challenge the empire-mongers. Instead, he went skulking around as if he represented an organization with nothing to say and nothing to teach. This is what happens in the Outer Darkness - the failure of leaders to lead. A bit of balls - plain old fighting manly spirit, is what is needed! But have all the men been banished! And isn't this - irony of ironies! - what the scandal is all about!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Must Read

Paul Craig Roberts, "Truth Has Fallen and Taken Liberty With It."
I have no words.

What I'm Doing While Unemployed...

... designs like the above. For some reason the yellow color did not come out in the scan.
Crossword Puzzles: Everyday, from Metro (a local free publication to be picked up in every Septa subway station).
Math Review: General practical math, algebra and geometry.
The Usual: Making yogurt, making granola. But not spending much time cleaning the apartment.
Trying to Network: This is difficult for a shy person like me. But I went to a Nikola Tesla Meet Up last week and am going to another one tonight. I figure the Tesla types will be (1) intelligent, and (2) unusual.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Beware Sitchins

Talk by Secharia Sitchin on his book, The End of Days, at the Philadelphia Free Library, March 6, 2010:

Secharia Sitchin is the latest Israeli marketing venture directed at the alternative-science/ new paradigm crowd. I say "Israeli marketing venture" with some irony, because, in fact, Mr. Sitchin challenges some deeply-held notions about the Bible, and has done considerable research into ancient Sumerian mythology. He is learned in cuneiform script, zodiacal and modern sciences, Biblical archaeology, and ancient and Mesoamerican worldviews. Mr. Sitchin is obviously a force to be reckoned with - judging by the large and enthusiastic crowd that greeted him at the Free Library - and one can appreciate his scholarship while at the same time offering a word of caution.

Mr. Sitchin began his discourse - after a few preliminary self-laudations - by noting that when he was a student in school, he challenged the teacher to explained the Biblical passage "... And there were giants in the earth in those days..." (I do not have my Biblical concordance with me; the passage occurs in Genesis just before the story of Noah.) The word is "nephilim," giants, which Mr. Sitchin connected with a Hebrew word, naphor [?] meaning "to fall, to descend from heaven to earth." Who were the nephelim? he asks, the "Sons of the Elohim"? What is this doing in a Bible supposedly devoted to monotheism?

Mr. Sitchin's questions are highly relevant and important. They led him to the study of the Sumerians, who were, he says, the originators of all mythologies. He points out that, as if out of nowhere, the high Sumerian civilization suddenly appeared, possessing a calendar, timekeeping, division of circle to 360 degrees, metallurgy, bricks, law codes, religion, doctors, priests, writing and literature. Where did the Sumerians get all of their knowledge, and how is it that there is no evidence of a "training period"?

The same phenomenon confronts us with ancient Egypt: we see, all of a sudden, a highly advanced technology of pyramid construction incorporating calendrical and precessional facts seemingly out of nowhere. And in fact the most ancient structures are far more technologically skilled than the later ones - a fact with confounds all our notions about how history and evolution are supposed to happen.

These kinds of questions are now comprising the field of "New Paradigm" history, which is the history that Rudolf Steiner was referring to when he said that ancient mankind gained a vast and in-depth knowledge through "atavistic clairvoyance." That is to say, ancient humanity was spiritually or clairvoyantly attuned to the cosmic level. We have lost this attunement, whether due to the Fall into Sin (Old Testament), the need for a Redeemer (New Testament), inevitable entropy (Law of Thermodynamics) or the development of freedom (anthroposophical "evolution of consciousness") or some other complex combination of explanation or circumstances.

In any case -- (and I am not precisely able to recapitulate Mr. Sitchin's steps here) -- the research and evidence led Mr. Sitchin to the conclusion that ancient astronauts visited our planet. "Everything was taught to us by the Annunkaki" -- this is apparently what the Sumerians said. When Mr. Sitchin connected "annunkaki," meaning "those who from heaven to earth came," with the Hebrew word anakim, giants, the circle seemed to close and everything seemed to fit into a pattern.

So far, so good. Mr. Sitchin's research has made a great contribution to our understanding of early humanity and New Paradigm history. But when he ventured into "apocalyptic" territory and talked about the use of nuclear weapons in 2024 B.C. , I became aware of the much darker Zionist agenda. He described reading the Book of Ezekiel -- which mentioned Persia in its description of the final apocalyptic "War of God and Magog" -- and Mr. Sitchin confessed to feeling "a chill down his spine."

Yes, the Book of Ezekiel will do that to you - not Persia, which is being threatened and attacked by the Zionists and their American patsies almost daily. Mr. Sitchin should avoid Zionist agitprop and stick to scholarship. We need to get away from apocalypticism, Christian and Jewish, and affirm the truths of religion in its moral, not its hysterical, aspects.

Additional Notes to this Post

  • Re nephilim: Rudolf Steiner once mentioned that the Greek word nephele, cloud, is related, and refers to the 'cloud' or aura which could be beheld clairvoyantly by ancient man.

  • Concerning the Hebrew Bible: the Russian healer Nicolas Levashov has written extensively concerning the Genesis story of the Bible, which he says was written by the adversaries of the Slavonic-Aryan Vedas, which is the true account of human origins. See my account of Levashov in my "Bookmanas" website (Notes on my reading) here:

  • Graham Hancock's Fingerprints of the Gods is an important milestone of New Paradigm history, and is primarily devoted to the Egyptian-Mesoamerican parallels.
  • Illustration: William Blake, "God Creating the World."

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Conspiracy Theory and Symbolic Self-Immunity

1. Prisoners of Illusion

"The Old Christian way taught that until man faced the fact of his evil nature, he would forever be a prisoner of illusion and of those magicians who would enslave his energies – ostensibly in pursuit of utopia – but actually to the furtherance of the inner executive power ideology of a secret elite." From the Preface to the 1995 edition to Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare by Michael A. Hoffmann II

Michael Hoffmann walks a strange and lonely path. At a glancing angle to what is called revisionist history on one hand and conspiracy theory on the other, he pursues a rugged zigzag of his own, unmasking more sinister illusions. His way is guaranteed not to win many friends in the circles that pass for intellectual culture today. Psycho-spiritual research provides a sharp alternative to official accounts of the age. Or should I say, official acts of forgetfulness? For one of the issues at contention is what kind of history will be written of this era – if, that is, there are people who will live in this world after we have gone, and if so, if they will seek a deeper understanding of life by studying history.

Neither of these is a sure thing. Michael Hoffmann raises the alarm about what is being done to the human mind in modern "advanced" societies – about what people are allowing themselves to become in societies where it is becoming increasingly difficult to gain accountability in business, politics, government, entertainment and the arts.

One has only to read the chapter in John Lukacs’ Historical Consciousness, about "the difficulties of history in democratic ages," to realize that the postwar conditions that Lukacs was writing about have multiplied exponentially since that book was first published in 1968. If the decomposition of democracy into bureaucracy makes the work of the historian more difficult, the decomposition of bureaucracies into "shadow governments" will make it impossible. The historian will become utterly reduced to being a mere chronicler of the Father of Lies. From committee to committee, individuality sinks into the indistinguishable mass, and no one can be held to anything. People in high office say one thing and do another, sell themselves to lobbyists, pit groups against each other, allow the country to be flooded with immigrants, pass laws undermining morality, tradition, families, and religion, and engage in unrelenting manipulation of financial instruments. The getting of money is shameless, votes no longer count for anything, and leaders or would-be leaders who attempt to bring fresh air and accountability to the system mysteriously disappear - often through assassinations. Somehow groups or religious organizations that show resistance are mocked, like the Catholic Church, or annihilated in a rain of hellfire courtesy the Federal Government, like the poor cultists in Waco. Public services continue to decline, and few people even mention the phrase "the public good" – as if for fear of committing treason against the "Free Market."

In the meantime be assured the CEO’s and masters of finance are always doing well, seeming not to notice while the country disappears into the black hole of debt. The leader of the "Free World" flashes the sign of Satan to the cheering crowds and the nation grovels to the tune of the Israeli National Anthem...

And these things keep happening, and they keep happening again and again while the so-called "free press" . . . but I need not linger on the despicable sycophantic and lying press.

As I say – with facts like these, some people may begin to interest themselves in "conspiracy theory." The reptile in man has awakened, and a few people even on this continent are starting to notice the glaringly obvious reptilian presence, along with the sudden disappearance of what used to be called "civilization." But how do a people, a nation, misplace civilization – lose it, throw it aside, forget it, fail to cultivate it?

Speaking of the sheer proliferation of "information" peddled by conspiracy buffs, Hoffmann remarks that "The cultivation of powers of discrimination and discernment are seldom the focus of the information-mongers. Yet if we acknowledge a war against the mind’s capacity for independent thinking, then the acquisition of wisdom and not data is what we ought to recognize as paramount… Indeed, when ‘expansion of the mind’ is substituted for the traditional vocation of cultivation of the mind, we find ourselves not on a ‘superhighway’… but in [a] cul-de-sac…"

It is this "loss of being" with which Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare is concerned. This "loss of being" manifests in many and often apparently contradictory ways. It may mean a fascination with sex, violence, Satanism, etc., or, contrariwise, an obsession to "expose" them. But both "fascination" and "exposure" alike belong to the "videodrome," the "sinister flattery of the occult imperium" that continually plays the tune that modern man is the most advanced, the most intelligent, the most progressive, the most free, on the planet. With all of these things accomplished, why bother with the humble precautionary work of preserving the fences, the limits, the standards and structures, of civilization? Why, we can just watch the latest videodrome horrors on MTV, keep the kids entertained with videogames, and go charging off to the mall in our SUV’s on the endless trails of asphalt so conveniently laid down as far as the eye can see, everywhere.

Nor need we be so concerned with the "quality" of our leaders and elected representatives – for after all, the American system, being "best in the world," can just as easily be run by drones. It's the ultimate "quality control"-- the utter disregard for human quality.

But it is what conspiracy theory indicates about the mind's awakening to symbolism that interests me. For instance, I have long been interested in the symbolism of oil – "black gold." Surely it is no accident that these energy deposits were laid down in the "Saurian Ages." Now, as we approach the end of the hydrocarbon era, and the oil resources are diminishing, human societies both East and West seem to be fostering a kind of "moral saurianism" - the disconnect of action from consequences, of thinking from empathy, of emotion from imagination and actual feeling.

Conspiracy theory takes account of both the literal and the symbolical dimensions of any given event. The inability of the modern mind to pay attention to both of these dimensions enables "mind control" – the hypnotic spell of the ‘spectacular, electronic videodrome’ that continues to crank out its spellbinding horrors. People can be manipulated and made subject to subliminal suggestion to the extent that they are not fully aware of these interpenetrating symbolic currents. Modern man’s uneducated imagination and lack of awareness of the symbolic dimensions leaves him open to this kind of mental manipulation.

Thus conspiracy theory can be seen as epistemological awakening -- an attempt to alert people to history's symbolic dimensions. But it is a dangerous teacher, for it is an unregulated market full of hidden agendas and deceptive practices. That modern man should need such a tool for his awakening is in itself a telling commentary on the inadequacies of modern education. An educated imagination does not need conspiracy theory. But then, an educated imagination is not putty in the hands of symbolic manipulators.

Indeed, as Hoffmann stresses, the ‘uncovering’ of a heinous crime marked with occult signifiers may be as much a part of the covert agenda as the commission of the crime itself. The manipulation and enslavement of the mind arises, Hoffmann believes, out of a prideful, Renaissance-era magic and science, which aims to substitute for natural creation a man-made, machine utopia. Such pride and hubris disdain the natural world and traditional forms of humane civilization and the acceptance of limits for the sake of power, conquest, and glory.

Hoffmann speaks as a true conservative when he defends the Old Church, whose hierarchy and dogma, he says, were out in the open – unlike the Thelemic Counter-Church, where rigidity, hierarchy, and authority are covert. True conservatives used to say such things, but in recent years they seem to have all disappeared. There are no "conservatives" in public any more. If they are in public they are not conservatives, because the "public" we now have is utterly contaminated. Such true conservatives as exist write on the Internet or small-circulation magazines, where they put forward views that are essentially antiwar and progressivist.

In the "public" of the United States today it is impossible to account for, or comprehend the meaning of, the rationale for going to war, the number of people killed in the Middle East, the real size of the public and private debt, the real agenda behind the projected theft of Social Security funds, the number of cars on the roads, the amount of oil consumed, the number of illegal immigrants flooding the country from the South, the number of corporate scandals and theft of funds in government operations, the number of incidents of war profiteering and the amounts involved, the number of people who have lost jobs due to "outsourcing," or the number of threats issued daily from the White House against some other country. The figures simply mushroom into meaningless millions. Sometimes you hear people commenting on the passivity of the American public with respect to its own national self-interest, not to mention self-respect, but the Philadelphia Inquirer’s headlines continue to blaze the news of the latest Eagles’ game as if there were nothing else of importance going on in the world.

Can knowledge of symbolism bring a new understanding of our benighted condition? Is humanity in this phase of history undergoing global occult initiation and if so, what can those who possess genuine knowledge of the occult do to exercise a beneficial influence?

This is why we need to study the symbol-wielding faculty in man.

2. Expressive Dynamic

For the most part we are so accustomed to the way things are in the world that we have stopped looking – or if we look, we do not see. For instance, rarely do we hear anyone express appreciation for the human or animal form. Nature lovers, horse people, and specialists of one species or another will share their delights of botany, horses, or ants, but usually such appreciative communications are reserved for glossy general-interest magazines, the Parade supplement to the Sunday papers, or nature programs suitable for children. The adults, the big important people, the scientists with their massive grants from government, are more prone to be heard declaiming about the faults and defects of some representative of the natural order, which they mean to fix with their genetic interferences, cloning techniques or hybridization technologies.

All of this is big business for advanced intellects, and the people who can be heard complaining about the dangers of such a head-on assault against the natural order, and of the human arrogance and folly it implies, are not considered worthy of the privilege of residing in the modern empire. A humble regard for the limits imposed by Nature has never perhaps characterized humankind, although the damage inflicted by this attitude was, in past times, limited compared with what is looming before us today. It seems to be too much to expect that great minds should acknowledge this potential for the exponential increase of human mischief occasioned by the advance of technical knowledge. Unfortunately, another behavior of which history affords few examples is that of powerful people voluntarily restraining themselves.

But I digress. I wish for a moment to point to the human form and body as a marvel in its own right – no, not in its own right. Most certainly not "in its own right" but as testified to have been created "in the image of God." I am not about to embark on theology but merely to point out that the statement regarding man’s creation "in the image of God" should immediately alert us to the fact that we are dealing with symbolism, that is, a transcendent concept relating to the unity of mankind. The concept of the unity of mankind as expressed in the creation of the human form "in the image of God" does not refer to any real or measurable entity in the world in the sense of empiricism, for in reality there are only particular men and women, in various tribes, races and groupings. The concept "mankind" is actually a gigantic conceptual leap into universality.

"Symbolic mankind" needs to be investigated like any other symbol: that is, to be approached in the spirit of seeing what it yields, what it represents. When what properly should be a symbolic concept (i.e., mankind) is made to fit into the sort of purely external and extrinsic phenomenon such as science typically investigates, the spiritual concept loses its symbolic form and interior dimension.

This "phenomenalization" of concepts is something going on all the time, almost like a process of cultural entropy. These phenomenalized concepts become "idols" -- they have no "within," like the "genes" that scientists furiously investigate as the last frontier of secrets holding the power to determine everything. Despite the many fashionable denials of human integrality or integrity that reign today as the result of fashionable genetic theories, there is no getting around the immediate sense that this integrality of the human form is what it "means," in fact, to be "human." Descartes seized upon the "objective" side of this integrality, despite the interiority of the cogito. And the "object" side of this equation has been the preoccupation of Western philosophy ever since.

The entrance of symbolic awareness through conspiracy theories and the events to which they refer obliges us to become reacquainted with interiority, the "within" of symbolism.To begin with, we might remind ourselves that to see a human being before us is to know that the physical appearance is in some integral fashion related to the vitalizing thought – or, where thinking is absent or poorly developed, at least to the "disposition" or animated leaning – and that both form and disposition comprise, roughly, what we mean by the term "character" or "personality." All of this, of course, is just sheer elementary common sense. But it is astonishing the degree to which such elementary notions have virtually passed out of our culture today. People – especially the ones you see on television – often have the bearing of livid masks. Newscasters, especially for some reason the female ones, seem like bones and nerves pulled along by wires, and the countenance appears almost ape-like, fixated in a permanent grimace. No doubt this flatness of modernized humanity has given rise to a welter of urban folklores of roboticized humans on the one hand, or monsters of perversity on the other. The former is bland, the latter is vile. The area occupied by normal human beings possessing blood, vital organs, viscera, muscles, smells, etc. seems to be shrinking day by day. But this is because our "viscera" no longer "speak" to us. Their symbolic dimensions have collapsed into the literal physicality which characterizes all of our "objects." Thus even our own viscera have become idols.

In the sense that we may contrast a "livid mask" to a face, we may note that the latter is both a physical appearance and a symbol: rather, it is a case of "matter" [flesh] being raised to individualized expressiveness. "Expressiveness" has to do with symbolism, with the uniting of inner tendency with outer form.

Everything we do or fail to do is expressive. If I were to write this piece with no capitals, punctuation, paragraph breaks and with misspellings and poor grammar, when it was apparent that I knew better, my action would be an expression of contempt for the reader by implying that I was beyond such petty considerations as grammar.

Likewise, a landscape is expressive – and one has only to drive through most of the landscapes of modernity in what euphemistically used to be called "the countryside" to behold how modern humanity expresses its contempt for the earth. The vomitoria of suburbanization stretches for miles, with shopping malls and detritus of the automobile age interspersed with housing developments constructed in fake English styles. Only the degraded and impotent subjects of an Empire of Idolatry could throw up such a hideous memorialization of itself. And these subjects are not only "dispossessed" in the political sense, that is, lacking the political power to shape their environments. The building patterns are the result of modernity’s idolization of matter – that is, the incapacity of modern phenomena to speak the language of symbolism, interiority or representation.

But it is not just the face that is symbolic of the human, but the entire form: the upright posture, the two legs and arms, bilaterality, symmetry, the intricacy of the organs, the incredible complexity of the nerves and senses. It is amazing that we spend so little time pondering what is natural and given. For good or for ill, the head rests upon all else. But whether this head is to be symbolic of mind or whether it is to be suffocated within its own "skullcap" – isn't this just the question? Whether we are members of a meaningful cosmos whose being and intelligence somehow transcends our own, and whose limits we disregard at our peril - or whether we just "make it up as we go along" - according to our own whims, appetites, and cruel passions?

Our views of life symbolize something. But a great abdication is occurring. The intellectuals and the scientists are seceding from the notion of the concept, mankind, and forming a new tribalism of intellectual power. The concept "mankind," having become an idol -- because the so-called "agent of change" is conceived to lie in some mystical realm of genetics or ‘evolutionary process’ apart from the ones doing the living, being, and developing – there must be found a class or type of person able to administer it, so to speak.

Idolatry moves the scene of action from the agent, man in history, to an elite of manipulators, while implicitly giving license to those who would tamper with human genetics, not to mention the laws, customs and habits of civilization. For it assumes that the genetic evolution, by having somehow gotten to the point at which many of its mechanics have been figured out, only needs the conscious direction of experts to work out the kinks. This view fosters ignorance and contempt for our distant ancestors by denying the role that will, consciousness and understanding must have played in their own development, while it increases the arrogance of modern science.

Thus, where the past or pre-history is concerned, the elite manipulators recite a creed of crude ignoramuses. As for the future, they are rehearsing for the part of God.

But there are worse implications. The symbolic unity and universality of mankind is an idea that we lose at our peril. This idea has been only able to maintain itself precariously within a human race whose overwhelming tendency is and has always been to tribalize. The emergence of an elite skilled in the art of symbolic manipulation thus represents, perhaps paradoxically, the emergence of a new kind of tribe. Those who understand this belong to a pharisaic cult - conscious or otherwise - which knows how to wield symbolism.

Those who do not grasp the symbolism principle will not be participating in this new phase of human evolution. Symbolism will be "done unto them" - that is, they will be subjected to the incessant visioning of degraded humanity. The people resulting from such propagandistic immersion will be merely literal – rather than fully human – persons. They will literally be ‘lost’ to any real attribution of humanity. The new ‘tribalism’ is thus the production of subhuman beings to serve the machine order of the neo-tribalistic elites.

3. Symbolic Participation

With the rise of the nation-state, the older medieval idea of ‘participation’ gave way to a more narrowly conceived notion involving citizenship. When we hear the word ‘participation’ today, we commonly only think of ‘political participation.’ But it is imperative for us to recover the symbolizing dimensions of the concept of participation. It is not only that political participation in advanced, complex technological and bureaucratic societies has been rendered almost meaningless. It is more pointedly the fact that without a sense for the larger dimensions of participation, people will be unable to oppose the saturnine entropy that threatens the existence of civilized man as well as the natural order.

Modern advanced societies are poised dangerously on the cusp of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. The degradation of all forms of energy is relentless – the finitude of the oil resources being only the most obvious example. But everything from climate, food, and fertility to forms of social organization, arts, and concepts of public good, are affected by modern man’s impoverished capacity of participation. And the hour is late. There is no guarantee that an education in participation will arrest, much less reverse, these tendencies. But ultimately participation will be necessary to prevent chaos and inanity – as Owen Barfield puts it, in his book, Saving the Appearances -- "In the long run we shall not be able to save souls without saving the appearances, and it is an error fraught with the most terrible consequences to imagine that we shall."

Conspiracy theories are an indication that the field of symbolic awareness is pressing upon us. The factual claims of conspiracy theories should be investigated with the tools used to investigate any factual claims of the physical world. But to dismiss the claims made by conspiracy theorists because, well, they have been put forward by people who subscribe to conspiracy theories – this plays right into the hands of elite neo-tribalists.

It serves the interests of the neo-tribalists to keep the masses of the people in a state of dull literalism punctuated by symbolic threadless thrills that lead to to labyrinthine deceptions but nowhere to moral clarity and truth. The thesis of Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare is that the subliminal manipulation of the public is being carried out through assassinations of important public figures, crimes and "exposes" of crimes, violent and pornographic movies, media events and video games by means of unidentified persons or groups who are either consciously working for the diabolic aims of Illuminism or unconsciously serving such persons or groups.

These groups shifted into high gear with the assassination of John F. Kennedy – an event "explained" to the American people by the "lone nut" theory of the Warren Commission – a theory successively trotted out for the assassinations of Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, and no doubt others.

The blogger who goes by name of "Xymphora" had the best summary of the "occult program." Commenting on the election of Nov. 2, 2004, he wrote: "The 2004 election is the culmination of forty years of American conspiracy starting with the murder of JFK, with the failure to investigate each conspiracy leading directly to the next one. When Earl Warren decided he had to lie to the American people about who was really responsible for the death of JFK, he set in motion a series of head-in-the-sand bad decisions that continue up to today.The consistent lack of courage in facing its demons has left the United States in a bit of a pickle, as it now faces an almost inconceivably bleak future of theocratic leadership, disastrous economic policies, and a never-ending series of wars." [Sunday, Jan. 23, 2005]

I believe this summation of the situation in contemporary America is powerful in its brevity. There can be nothing to add to it. For the decision of neo-tribalists to discredit investigation into these events speaks for itself. May the ruin of America be on their souls and conscience. For another word for the manipulation of symbolism and events by people in positions of public trust for selfish ends and covert goals is – treason.

[Originally posted on my "Sword in the Mouth" website in 2006. This website is no longer available.]

Monday, February 22, 2010

Quote and Figure from David Wilcock Website

Magnetism and Electricity- A "conventionalized diagram of the electromagnetic wave form"

Magnetism and electricity are considered to be two components of the same force, namely electromagnetism. Magnetism is referred to as the "B-field" and electricity as the "E-field," and they are graphed out as a unified wave where the E-field is on the horizontal plane and the B-field is on the vertical plane, 90 degrees of rotation away from its counterpart.
This is based upon careful measurements of the properties of these fields themselves, and is considered to be a contemporary fact. The picture below shows us a "conventionalized diagram of an (electromagnetic) wave form..." that was reprinted by Enterprise Mission with permission from Ultra High Frequency Radio Engineering by WL Emory, The Macmillan Company.

.. it may be surprising to realize that magnetism and electricity, which certainly seem to be used as two separate forces in our technology, are always traveling together in this fixed 90-degree relationship where magnetism is dynamic and electricity is static..."

I have posted this tonight for future reference.

An Old-World Idea

The website Lew is one of the best sites on the web - well-organized, easy to read and locate articles, not too cluttered, and full of insightful articles by people who have outgrown the American habit of State-worship. Today I was struck by a passage from an interview with Mr. Rockwell from another publication. The interviewer asked Mr. Rockwell about the gold standard, and here is his reply:

"There are many ways to move to free-market money and non-inflationary banking. I would never want to close off any viable path. One problem with the Misesian plan for a gold standard is that it relies on the idea that the people in charge will do the right thing. This is a charming, old-world idea, but I don't think it holds true in our times. We need to be open to the possibility that reform will never come from the top."

This is a wise and mature realism speaking, and one that has learned the lessons of our age. Naivete concerning the good - that the people in top "will do the right thing" - is the fatal weakness of "white," "western," "European-Christian" societies - I use the terms in quotation marks. As Pope Benedict remarked, we must not lose our candor and openness - they are the very signs of educability, persuasion, of being amenable to reason, which is the very secret strength of Western history. Yet in today's world such "candor and openness," or belief that "the people in top will do the right thing" are simply no match for the organized and methodical forces comprising the New World Order. The problem with Talmudic instruction, which is, loosely speaking, the training manual of the New World Order, is that wrong-doing is a much surer ticket to success. Evil is shortcuts. Right action is going the long way about things, always maintaining respect for one's object. If it's a circle, doing the good is making the circumference. The bad is a diametrical cut through the heart: you'll get where you want to go, but you run the risk of splitting the circle in two.

I am sure there is more to say about this. There is some secret here. I will come back to this later, after I have thought about it some more.